The Education of Chicago Resident Ryan Platt

August 21, 2016
Having a multitude of skills allows professionals to look at problems from multiple points of view and the ability to find a plethora of solutions to the problem. Ryan Platt knew this and set out to get an education that was well rounded because he knew that he needed a firm foundation of an education in order to be successful in his career. He began his studies by attending Colorado College. It was there that he found a love for the variety provided in the study of social sciences. At Colorado College, in 2010, he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science which he earned with distinction which gave him the knowledge on how to look at arguments in different lights. He then went on to earn his Juris Doctorate from the University of Wisconsin in 2015.
Mr. Ryan Platt studied Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at the Colorado College and graduated in the year 2010 with a distinction. He also attended the University of Wisconsin for higher education in JD where he graduated in 2015. Ryan is a multi-linguist who can communicate in three different languages namely Portuguese, Hebrew and Spanish. Platt is yet to choose a practice area as his first year as a professional has been marked with a lot of practice with practice groups and as a colleague of the New Associates Group.